My first experience in D3js

D3js map of New South wales

I have just completed my Data Visualisation course at Monash University. It was very interesting and the assignments were very enjoyable.

By far the final project where we had to build out of selected data set using D3 or R. I elected to use D3. It was my first introduction to D3 and even though I have a lot of experience in javascript and css this was a new learning curve I wasn’t expecting.

I built a dashboard with a map of NSW and its suburbs dynamically connected to line chart and a summary table of the data.

The one thing i learnt was how much I appreciate software like Pyramid Analytics, BI Office that implements geo spatial maps in a heart beat.

It could have been because I was new to D3, but simply put it took me a few days find and code a geo spatial map interface that was interactive for something that software does in a few minutes.

Finally connecting the map shapes on the maps to the line graph and the tabular data was an effort in itself. Yes, I probably have larger scope to customise my dashbaord as I want however at the end of the day all I want is an interactive map.

If someone wants more information please comment below and I will be happy to write a post on the matter



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